September 5th, 2000


Now that I'm back in Seattle finally, I'm throwing a LiveJournal party at my new house. All LiveJournal users/readers are invited, although I imagine the Seattle area turnout will be highest. :-)

What: LiveJournal BBQ/Potlock Party.
When: 4:00pm Saturday, September 9th, 2000 until 1-3am Sunday morning.
Activities: Volleyball/Frisbee/Tennis in the park near the house, then food, then back to the house at night for movies/darts/socializing.
Where: 5251 16th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington
Parking: ... sucks. Carpool if possible. Park on the street in the 2-hour parking areas (which is free on the weekends) or park a few blocks away and walk.

Tell your friends! Spread the word! And most importantly, bring food, chips, meat, gardenburgers, whatever! Somebody should bring a grill too, although I think they have them at the park.

RSVP here if you're coming ... it's not important that you do, but I'm curious what the turnout will be like.