September 9th, 2000

  • evan

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Brad is busy, so I (evan) will update instead:
LiveJournal party is progressing well. My camera batteries are dead, so I can't take too many pictures.

Click for a larger picture.

Why aren't you here?!
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  • erik

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The party is in full swing now. I'm pretty much completely drunk, and have been dancing with Blythe for awhile. Brad told us some very interesting things, which Blythe made no attempt to conceal or refute... it was interesting. I am very drunk, and yet my typing is so good. I am l33t. Mobley (aka Brendan, I think) is da bomb. He's 26 or something.. he bought us al-kee-hall. This turned from being a very lame, nerdy party into a pseudo-frat affair... I'm impressed. While we were on a beer run I missed some people wrestling with shaving cream... amazing. Dana and Brian just got home.. the amount of alchol and drunk people is disturbing. Brad just walked in.. .he's fucked up. It's cool. We'e all fucked up. Ok, now I'm not editing any7moire. Fuck it. We'rte drunk. Party on. Bye.