September 16th, 2000

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  • revjim

Mailing Lists

LiveJournal now has official mailing lists!

There are currently five of them.

News Announcements (lj-news)
This is a announcement only list to inform the LiveJournal community of new features, events, and other general information.

General Discussion (lj-general)
This is a discussion list regarding the use of the LiveJournal system. Users can post questions, hints, tips and most likely general conversation.

Style Discussion (lj-styles)
This list is for the discussion of the LiveJournal style system including how to create styles, HTML assistance, and style debugging.

Development Discussion (lj-devel)
This list if for the discussion of LiveJournal development. Topics can range from "Which is better Perl or PHP" to "MySQL tuning parameters". Mainly for the technically minded portion of the LiveJournal community to assist in future development of the LiveJournal system.

Business Dicussion (lj-biz)
This is an approved subscription list for discussion of LiveJournal business topics. Topics can range from "advertising revenues" to "the number of paid accounts versus free accounts".

The mailing lists are publicly archived for your viewing pleasure. Subscription instructions, archives, member lists and other useful things can be found at

lots and lots of money.

i live and breathe livejournal lately. working on getting ads up on non-paid and non-early user's journals. i made a spreadsheet to see how much it would cost initially and monthly to move to internap with some new kick-ass servers. looks like $17,000 initial cost, then $1,600 more per month than I pay right now at virtualis. although it's more, if i were to get the same hardware ($10,000 of the $17,000) at virtualis, my monthly fee would be incredible high (because Virtualis charges a lot per increment in machine specs... and you don't own the machines and can't upgrade them easily (without paying a lot for it)). whereas with internap, i can keep adding machines at will and not pay anything extra per month until my cabinet is full (which would take awhile). i did the math and without any ad revenue, i'd need 63.56 paid accounts per month, or 2.09 per day. given 200 new accounts per day, that means I need a 1.05% conversion rate from new users to paid users. given that less in 1 and 200 people click banner ads (0.50%), expecting 1.05% of people to send in $25 is unlikely. thus, i've been working on getting ads up on non-paid and non-early-adopter users' journals.... ad revenue will bring down the number of paid accounts per month I have to get to break even. i'm interested to see how much it'll bring in.