September 29th, 2000

Random announcements

It's been awhile since I posted any news. Anybody getting lonely out there? :-) Anyway, here's what's up, in no particular order:
  • The money from paid accounts keep rolling in. Thank you, everybody! I put up a page listing the progress so far, and some different goals. Like I mention on the page, though --- a couple very interesting source of big money have turned up (which I'm not at liberty to discuss yet), so it may not be imperative that we meet the goals. Nevertheless, if you've been meaning to get a paid account, now would be a good time. :-)
  • I've been making some incredible changes to the LiveJournal server code to speed it up. It's actually running pretty damn fast now, considering the load. Just wait how fast it'll be when we get the fast servers also! (eta on the new servers: early October)
  • If you're a Mozilla user (Netscape 6.0), then check out ForumZilla ... it's a mozilla-based application that lets you browse web-based forums like you're reading your mail. I hacked in LiveJournal support tonight, so now you can browse your journal entries and comments just like it you were using Outlook, complete with message threading and everything. Very sexy. If you install it, subscribe to the forum:
    You'll be able to browse all your friends' entries as well.
That's it for now. I have a class in 6 hours, so I'd better get to bed.