October 5th, 2000

4 free accounts!

First, I'd like to thank everybody that's been buying paid accounts. We've made an amazing amount of money so far, and every bit we get goes to making the site faster, prettier and adding more features. In the next week or so expect a bunch of new paid-only features.... I feel a little guilty that I haven't finished them all yet, but school's been hitting me pretty hard.

Anyway, now for the fun part --- today a $100 check came in the mail from a user that doesn't actually have a LiveJournal account. He said to consider it a scholarship for "deserving but destitute" users. So, if you're deserving and destitute, reply here with your sob story (no job, no money, college student, etc...) and the first four deserving users will get them. On your marks, get set.... go!