November 22nd, 2000

press your luck
  • colin

LiveJournal redesign survey

Yes, the public LiveJournal site is finally going to be redesigned! Before we begin changing
everything around, we'd like to get some input from you, the community, as to what you'd like to see improved. Please realize that this survey only deals with interface and navigation issues, not issues of function. Brad has a large enough queue of things to do.

* * *

LiveJournal interface survey

1. What is the first page you view after you login to LiveJournal?

2. What page(s) do you check most often for changes?

3. What information would you like to be displayed most prominently on the portal page you'd see when logged in and viewing

4. What pages should be made more accessible?

5. What pages could be made less accessible?

6. Are there any pages that are currently confusing or difficult to use?

7. Do you have any other suggestions or comments regarding the LiveJournal interface?

* * *

Thanks for your help...