November 29th, 2000

Friends views

I rewrote all the friends view code last night. It's so clean now. There shouldn't be any more random "my friends don't show up" bugs, and it should be much faster. If nobody notices any problems in the next few days I'll be able to remove a bunch of transitional code I had to keep in to be safe, and then things will be even faster. (The code I kept in was to maintain the state that the old friends view algorithm needed..... it's not used anymore, but it's still being updated. I kept it in case we had to go back to the old code.)

But here's the coolest damn thing about the new code.... it doesn't generate your friends list ahead of time, which required that you only had one set of friends. With the new code the server's able to show you any set of friends just as quickly. What this means is that you'll soon be able to have different sets of friends, and only show certain ones. And with each set you'll be able to scroll back 400 entries or so, instead of 75. (did anybody notice that the scoll-back limit is now 400?)

What I plan to do is attach meta-data to your friends groups. Currently you can only edit friend groups in the Windows client, and Evan's adding support right now to the Linux client. I'll make it editable on the web and then you'll be able to mark groups as public or private. With public groups there will be a drop-down or links on the friends view and you'll be able to filter your friends list based on the group. Also, there will be meta-data on each of your friends so you'll be able to select for each one: does this friends show up by default on my friends list (when no group is selected)? do I get email when this friend updates? etc, etc. The good part is that people won't have to create new LJ accounts anymore just to have different friend groups... I hated that. It's just not clean.

Die subject icons, die!

I got sick of looking at that big block of subject icons whenever I replied to a comment (since I never use them) and I hated looking at them in my own journal, so I added a new option at edit info that lets you turn them off.

Right now it only disables them in your own journal (so nobody can use them... haha!) but I'm also going to make it hide them whenever you're logged in and replying in somebody else's journal.


I'm slowing things down a whole lot right now while I make a few parts signifigantly faster... I'm having to change some tables in the database around. I should really do this at night, but I'd rather sleep at night.

On a mission...

I'm on a mission lately to make LiveJournal really damn fast. I've had a wave of ideas on how to speed up parts. Yesterday I changed the way friends pages were constructed. Today I changed how user pictures are stored internally. I also limited the number of interests you're allowed to have to 150 because the "find a user like me" code got slow when the number of interests was too high. Nearly everybody was under 150 but there were 50 people or so that had up 1,600. Gimme a frickin' break.

Tonight I'm going to be working on speeding up the directory search.