December 1st, 2000


The new servers were shipped on Wednesday and are on their way from Dell to my parent's home in Portland (the company's official address, since I don't have a permanent address). When I go home for Christmas I'll start setting them all up. I need to finish the colo arrangements too. I want to colo them at Speakeasy, who use InterNAP for their network. Or, if Speakeasy doesn't get more room soon, I'll just go with InterNAP. Speakeasy's a cooler company, though.

At least there isn't too much rush since the current servers seem to be handling everything just fine, thanks to the recent changes. Still, it'll be nice having room to grow into as LiveJournal continues to grow.

New Years Party?

Evan and I've been talking about throwing another LJ party for everybody in the Seattle area. Erik suggested we do it New Year's. We're all free, but our question is how many other people would come.

Please only reply here if a) you're in the Seattle area, or b) you're not in the Seattle area but would come.

We're trying to decide if we should go ahead with this yet. Otherwise we're still going to have another LJ party, but sometime else.

Announcing ChangeLog

A few of you have wanted more frequent news updates, so I've started a ChangeLog ... every little change I make to LiveJournal will be documented there. I'll still post here in news, but only ever few days to summarize what I've done. Stuff I post here will be in English. Stuff in ChangeLog often be very technical. I'll appreciate replies to the entries in ChangeLog, but no non-technical ("how do i upload a picture???") questions. That should really go to support, anyway. :-)

I plan to use ChangeLog like I used LiveJournal back when I first made it... I'll post one-liners up to 30 times a day or so. Maybe more. So, be aware you may not want to add it to your friends list.