December 9th, 2000


LiveJournal 1.4.3 Finally

After a long wait, there is finally a new version of the windows LiveJournal client available at

There are bug fixes, specifically the crashing bug for some win9x/me systems. There are also a few added features, the main ones of use are ctrl-b, ctrl-i, and ctrl-u shortcuts for bold, italic, and underline.

There was also a bug in the friends/friendsof dialog that i fixed, that surprisngly.. no one mentioned to me, but i ran across it on my own so its all good. Anyway, I would recommend downloading the new version..

I hope you like it.

LiveJournal 1.4.4 w/ Multi-pic support!

Woohoo! Updates galore. :)

There is a new version of the Windows LiveJournal client available at

The main cool feature of this version is the ability to select which picture you want associated with your post based on keyword. The other major thing that changed is that the client now sends a hashed password instead of the plaintext password. This protects you from someone being able to grab your plaintext password (in case you use it elsewhere).

There were also some minor cosmetic changes... ctrl-s is now listed in the menu and the about box was updated to give credit for the md5 routines (for the password hashing).

I hope you like it.

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There is now a Windows Client LiveJournal Changelog page available here. This will play the same role as the main LiveJournal Changelog... and will be updated fairly frequently when development is occuring. You can add it to your friends list by adding user "lj_win32" if you so desire.

It will also be the place that I discuss possible features that I am thinking about adding as well as post links for development versions for people to test out (if willing).