December 22nd, 2000

Fun with filtering!

In the past, a lot of people have created new LiveJournal accounts just so they could have multiple friends lists. That kinda sucks, because it wastes usernames that somebody else could use. Plus, it's just an ugly solution.

Here's a better solution: put everybody on your friends list, and filter your friends list. If you get behind reading what people are up to, you can view certain groups of your friends at a time. It's just fun.

Coming soon you'll also be able to set who shows up on your "default friends list" ... your friends list that's used when you specify no group filters. That way you'll be able to list 100 people that you want to be able to reply in your journal or text message you (if you're using friends-only restrictions on those features), but you won't have to read their journals unless you want to. (because keeping track of 100 people can be difficult)

You can get to the friends filter in the future by clicking the "..." after the friends link in the sidebar.

Have fun!