December 28th, 2000

Sorry... / Party

My apologies that things have been so damn unreliable and slow lately. I've been having a life and trying to ignore LJ a little lately. I get sick of people bugging me all the time. This isn't a business... I do this for my friends and myself. Who do you think is most angry when things aren't working? Me! So no need to tell me that you're frustrated.

The problem is that a ton of people are using the site and the current dinky little server can't keep up. I have the two new powerful servers sitting right here, but I can't put them online until I'm back in Seattle. I'll be back the 30th, but then I have to wait until after the new year to go put them at the colo place. So, in a week or so things will be very damn fast. Be patient. For all of you that have made this possible by getting paid accounts, I can't thank you enough ... a lot of cool new paid-only features are coming to show my appreciation.

For anybody that's in Seattle or close, be sure to come to the LJ New Year's Party!