January 8th, 2001

  • evan

New Servers!

We made the switch! The new servers are in use as I write this!

It'll still be a bit slow, while the DNS propogates, but it seems noticably faster already.

Props to Speakeasy, for being cool, and to Lisa, for some UNIX help, 'cause Brad and I don't really know how to work these CLI-based operating systems. :P

Also: please don't report any bugs for a day or so, because we're still working on migrating everything.
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New Servers!

The new servers are installed and working!

Things are already tons faster, but this is only the beginning ... there are a bunch of things that I can do now with the sytstem that I couldn't before ... it's only going to be getting faster. Watch for tons of updates over the next few days.

I'm also going to be working on a ton of new features now that I can actually use the site and not go crazy because it's so slow.

I'd like to thank all the users that bought paid acounts --- without you none of this would be possible. I'm very happy that LiveJournal has such cool users... it's all you guys that keep me working on this project.

Evan and I are starving... we need to go find some food.

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Before everybody gets too excited about the new servers, I have to bring some bad news .... either the line that LiveJournal's hooked up to is bad or we're maxing it out. Currently pings to livejournal.com are around 350-450 ms (where they should be around 40-50), and there's a 30% dropped packet rate (which should be 0%).

Chris and Lisa at speakeasy have been mailing me with updates... they tried changing the line and some other things but without any noticable change. Then we thought we were maxing out bandwidth (even though we shouldn't be close to the limit), so I moved the image server back to the old server.... still getting a high packet loss.

The good news though is that speakeasy has a new OC3 in from InterNAP that they are planning on switching over to on Wednesday ... Lisa said she'd try to hook LiveJournal up to it tomorrow if she can.

I'll keep you updated. Things won't really kick ass until both the servers and the network are fast.