January 12th, 2001

Site Redesign

Thanks to dystopia, LiveJournal now has a new site design.

If you hate any part of it, blame it on me .... I had to change lots of stuff to make a good usable template file from it.

Any constructive criticism?

Please note that this isn't a site redesign as much as it is a facelift. That is, we didn't really reorganize anything or make it easier to use ... we just changed how it looks. colin will be making the site more usable shortly.
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growing pains

That downtime was caused by the server getting overloaded. It seems that the new server is too fast... (See ChangeLog for details.)

Mad props to Jeff for kernel recompilation help, and Tim for some after-reboot help.
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Message board change

Nearly all the message board code has been rewritten to be more efficient, and to support paging ... it's not done yet, but I had to put it up already because the old code (from an old project of mine) sucked. The code is a lot neater.

Beware, though --- it's not done yet, so it has some fairly obvious bugs. I'll be working on this right now, but feel free to report bugs anyway.

And if you hate the change, feel free to complain. (I couldn't stop you anyway.... :-))

I'll do a write-up later about how the threading and display works. For now, you can play with it on a long thread, like the site redesign post.