January 18th, 2001

IP Change

Tonight around 10:00 pm PST we're supposed to be getting a faster network connection for LiveJournal so it's not so slow during peak usage hours. However, this is going to involve the server's IP address changing .... if you notice it not working around that time, try again in 5-10 minutes and your computer should pickup the new IP address.

Update: The switchover should actually be at about 10:15 pm. The new IP address of the web server will be

New Connection!

Well, that was extremely painless. LiveJournal's now sharing an OC3, instead of being on a little 1.5 Mbps DSL line. Also, we now have enough bandwidth that we're serving all images from img.livejournal.com instead of the old server.

You can probably noticed a speed difference, especially if you have a fast connection.... I sure can from here.