February 20th, 2001

Login problems

Yes, I know some of you are having problems with the site forgetting that you're logged in.

We're aware of the problem, and know what's causing it, but it's not code of ours, so it'll take a little longer to get fixed.

The problem is mod_backhand and how it deals with multiple cookie headers in HTTP requests and responses. mod_backhand is the software that manages the load between the multiple servers.

If anybody wants to fix the mod_backhand code, let me know. Otherwise I'm going to work around their bug, or see if its maintainer has time to fix it.

One way to fix this would be to turn all but the one original web server off, but then the site would be slow. We can live with this little problem for a day or so.

Routing problems.

If you've had trouble reach LiveJournal the past few days, you're not the only one. There's nothing I can do to fix it, though. The problem is with Verio.

Here's an email from the network guy at speakeasy where LiveJournal is colo'ed at:

It's a routing problem exclusively with verio. Our upstream provider, Internap, is working with them to clear this up. At this time, Internap has noticed a number of routing anomalies coming fromt the verio network. This isn't the only one.

I'll post more when I know more. Sending me more traceroutes won't help.... we know where the problem is.


Internap has informed me that the problems with verio have been resolved at this time. I can now successfully hit all the example IPs you gave me from my box in colo on the same subnet as livejournal, and they claim verio hosts can hit our border router on that wire now as well.