February 24th, 2001

Login problems really fixed

After some fun on the mod_backhand mailing list and an offline conversation with the maintainer, things are all working now with the load balancing destroying cookies.... logging in and out should work flawlessly now.

I spent a lot of time testing it to confirm the new fix actually works.... I beat it up in every way I could imagine and I can't get it to break. Of course, let me know if you run into problems. (god I hope not.)

If you're curious, the "fix" that the mod_backhand people put out earlier (when I first announced it) was a correct fix, but Internet Explorer is broken, so it had to be worked around, just as it turns out Apache has to work around it too.

Broken software, everywhere.

Next mission: get the directory back up by either 1) isolating the MySQL bug and getting it fixed, or 2) putting a separate db server up just for directory queries that can crash at will without taking down the rest of the site.