March 18th, 2001

A treat for y'all.

To show my appreciate for everybody that's been buying both paid accounts and the permanent accounts recently, I've completed a new feature. All it took was 12 hours straight in this chair without going to bed! :-)

Now we can do fun things like this. [Note: used to be inlined, but changed to just a link]

Isn't that fun? Oh, I bet you all want to know how to do this, huh? I even wrote up instructions.


Fundraiser status

I shut down the fundraiser because it looked like we'd be approaching our goal with the payments that were coming in through the mail. We've collected about $8,000.

I was getting pretty excited and then my accountant (**coughmomcough**) called me to "talk business" ... turns out we don't have $11-$12k in the bank... that was before paying several bills and paying for the new servers and server parts. We instead have about $7k.

So, now we have $7k existing + $1k for some work I did for somebody (not but still, inc.) + $8k in PayPal + $2k that's on its way in the mail for the fundraiser. That puts us at $18k --- $3,000 short of the $21k for the new server and disk array.

At this point we could either just wait for the money to come in through normal paid accounts (should take 10-20 days, maybe ... rough guess), or we could sell another 30 permanent accounts. I really don't want to sell tons of permanent accounts though if it'd devalue them in the minds of the 100 that already bought them.

It should also be noted that we don't really need the $3,000 soon --- the site will run for long enough on the existing database server. The only thing it'd delay is having the photo server setup.

So, I'm going to use this sexy new poll thing to ask your advice. Feel free to leave comments too.

Heh ... polls are fun. :-)