April 27th, 2001


New shirts...! But which ones?!

Looks like we have a bunch of shirt designs finalized... but which ones should we use? We need to limit the number of designs and varieties in order to make things less expensive and more profitable, unfortunately.

Please take a look at all five shirt designs on this website and select your favorite.

Click here to take the poll!

Hopefully most of you like the design changes... they are based on the feedback we received previously. We may start with only a few designs, since we want to maximize the amount of profit that LiveJournal makes off these shirts. (Gotta save up for that Alpha!) It will cost us serious $$ to start with lots of designs, but if we can show the shirt makers that we will be buying a LOT of shirts, then it will be much easier to convince them to make us shirts with additional designs and colors.


T-shirt poll part deux!

Lots of votes have been filtering in on the T-Shirt poll. Enough votes have come in to spot a few trends, however. The traditional LiveJournal.com design is ahead by over a 2-1 margin over the other designs. Due to financial reasons and the relatively small number of shirts we need, it looks like we will standardize on this design to start with. I will do all I can to have support for larger shirt sizes, so long as any additional cost for doing so is justified.

One thing that isn't clear is what should be on the back of the shirt. Either we should have a slogan on the back of the shirts, or we should have Frank the Goat. Many LiveJournal users like Frank, so if we do have a slogan on the back of the shirt, I will see if I can have a small Frank appear on the top side of one of the arms. There are a couple other questions relevant to the shirt design that I wanted to check on too, so that we have the best design and preferences possible. Please take a minute to vote! This information should allow us to finalize on an exact design and on all the varieties of colors and styles that we will support.

Take the final design poll and help decide!