June 25th, 2001


Webby Update

Just a message to let you all know that although LiveJournal has a 1% lead currently in the Services category and a 4% lead in the Personal category of the Webbies People's Voice Awards, we can't afford to take it for granted.

The sites we are up against get votes every day... votes that we don't get, because we aren't on the ballot. We were at a 5% lead versus Blogger, and that has slipped somewhat. We need to make sure we have a real lead against PayPal... we can't expect to coast to victory with just a 1% lead and 10 days to go. We need to expand that lead out to around 4% to have a good chance at victory. Incidentally, that will expand our lead on Blogger at the same time, which will give us a buffer if they decide to rally their users to vote.

Ultimately, LiveJournal needs only one thing to get the Webby Award. We need the will to win. That's all. Just a firm commitment from all of you that LiveJournal is something special worth supporting, and that we will do what is necessary to win this thing. That doesn't mean running around boasting that we will win, when the race is a long way from being over. That means buckling down and doing what it takes to make victory a reality.

If you haven't voted yet, please consider doing so by writing in a vote for us in the Services and Personal categories. If you have voted, please consider mentioning the vote on your journal. Mondays are the highest traffic days on LiveJournal. That means that if you were to take the time and post a message today telling people to vote for LiveJournal, it would get the most viewers possible and do the most good for the site. If we push hard today and next Monday, that might be all we need to win, and I'm sure that many of you are a little tired of this whole thing... so let's get over the hump, give ourselves a comfortable lead, and put this race to bed!