July 4th, 2001


Last minute Blogger push...

Looks like Blogger is trying for a last minute push to get votes out for the Webbies. They posted a new screed to their front page (for about the 3rd or 4th time) asking for more votes. No, Blogger's owner still doesn't mention LiveJournal by name, though he does kind of imply that we're to blame for any negative tone or competition related to this vote.

Just to show that we're not going to get into this whole thing with them, I urge you all to do whatever you want to do. Vote. Don't vote. Just don't expect me to link you to it. If you still really want to vote sometime within the next 22 hours, you'll take the effort to find a link to it.

As for me, although I always appreciate your support for LiveJournal, I'm happy with how things went. We gave this race our best shot and tried to be good sports about it. Personally, I hope and expect to never have to work so hard to get votes for anything else again. If we find ourselves in the hunt for another such award, we'll post a link or two on the site maybe, add a mention in an emailed newsletter perhaps, and ideally say little more about it otherwise.

My thanks to those of you who have voted; it is appreciated and should really help LiveJournal gain media and developer attention. Let's just all cross our collective fingers and hope our lead holds out another day.