July 15th, 2001

Keeping track of contributors.

LiveJournal's getting so many contributors that I'm afraid of losing track of who's all working on what.

We had an old list that we kept by hand but it was so inaccurate that I just tossed it. There were people on there that had claimed responsibility for an entire area of LJ but had never done a single thing. Since then our philosophy has changed a lot... you do work, then get acknowledged, not vice-versa.

If you've done any work on LiveJournal, go add yourself to the new list:


This includes people that have written code, reported bugs, lead groups, helped in support, designed styles/icons/art/webpages for LiveJournal, etc...

The only thing this doesn't include is people that have bought paid accounts, since that'd make the list extremely huge and we already keep track of that separately.

People always ask me how many people work on LiveJournal but I've never had a concrete number... if everybody goes and adds themselves to this it'll give us some really useful data.

Also, don't just add yourself once if you've done multiple things. Go ahead and add yourself as many times as you want, once for each thing (or class of things) you've done for the site.