July 16th, 2001


Where LiveJournal is at

Here's my big post, letting you all know the state of LiveJournal, where we're at, and how where we are going.

Approximately six months ago, I talked about where LiveJournal stood in the great scheme of things. I pointed out that despite having a better story in many ways than the biggest weblog sites out there, we were still not getting the serious media attention we'd need to be considered on par with other sites. Well, we have started to get not only attention, but respect and a little love from the press. Over time, the stories about us have started becoming less tabloid and more substantial. This will only get better after Wednesday, as we are a solid contender for no less than two Webby Peoples Voice Awards. Watch the webcast at the Webbies website this Wednesday the 18th at around 7 pm PST and root for LiveJournal. Will we win an award? Will we win two? I don't know, but we were in the lead last time they showed the votes. Brad and I are getting interviewed, so you should be able to see us at least once during the webcast, most likely around 7:00, and possibly once more if we win. Are we terrified? You bet!
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