August 1st, 2001

LiveJournal's moving.

All of the LiveJournal servers are moving to a new location in Seattle Friday evening. The site will be down as of 9:00 pm PST for hopefully no longer than an hour, but I'm not promising anything.... with so much that could go wrong, I'm sure a few things will.

Here's how things should happen:

-- I build a little "site down!" & redirector machine.
-- 9:00 pm: unplug the ethernet from the load balancer into redirector
-- people visit the site and get told this info here.
-- meanwhile, we rush all the hardware over to the new facility and install it
-- 10:00 pm or so: finish installing everything. i log into the redirector machine and tell it we're ready, then it starts sending people to the new address.... either with HTTP redirects or transparently, depending on what I have time to setup.

We're not moving the DNS machine (marklar) for awhile, but it has a database server on, so we'll get the new database machine in use instead, which is actually faster and has more memory anyway. Then we'll move marklar eventually.

Tonight I'm also taking home one of the machines to change its operating system and upgrade its memory so it'll be a good DB server later. We'll have a ton of hardware behind the site when we're done... 15 machines, I believe.