August 3rd, 2001

2 hours left....

In about 2 hours we'll be unplugging the LiveJournal servers and moving them a few blocks to our new colocation facility.

If you missed the earlier announcement, read here.

The downtime should be about an hour, but could be all night if something goes terribly wrong. When you visit you'll see a message explaining the current status. customview.cgi will return some info in an HTML comment so it won't make your embedded journals ugly.

I think a party somewhere in downtown Seattle is in order for after the move.... watch news later if that happens.

Update (10:15 pm): We're still putting the rails on. Well, evan, chuck and sherm are. I'm on the floor on my laptop testing our net connection. Seems to work. :-P We probably won't start moving servers for another hour or so. This is a pain.