October 29th, 2001


User Groups Poll

As I mentioned previously, there is a user group that has formed for online journalers, webloggers, diarists, etc. Right now, this user group only has one chapter in the Bay Area, but additional chapters are opening in Boston and Paris. (If anyone wants to create a local chapter in their area, read this...)

If the first meeting was any indication, these things would be a lot of fun for people. The heart of the first meeting was going out to a coffee place, followed by a restaurant/bar and getting a chance to meet a lot of people with similar interests in online journals and weblogs.

My main concern is making sure that these meetings aren't just about traditional weblogs, but also about journals, diaries, and online publishing in general. That is why I have created a poll - to find out what you think about the idea of being a part of this group, having regular meetings around the country, etc.
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