March 17th, 2002

Misc. Fun Stuff!

And now, for the latest headlines:
  • We are proud to present another new public style that you can choose on the Modify Journal Page. Its a nifty style written by mart that is called, appropriately enough, "Clean and Simple" :-)

  • LiveJournal is celebrating a birthday soon! 3 years ago on Monday, an infantile LiveJournal, then known as "bradlog", emerged into the world. Keep an eye out for more announcements in connection with this event!

  • The Bug Hunt regarding the clustering movement is over, and all of the prizes have been handed out. A lot of quirks and a few security problems were found, but they've all been fixed and taken care of.

  • Every user on the site is now clustered, which means it is now easier to keep the site running faster for longer.

  • The code that LiveJournal runs on has been upgraded to handle internationalization better, which allows LiveJournal to have a better integration with XML. Now we're able to handle things like XML journal exports and RSS syndication the correct (and easier) way, and it also gives us a bit more flexibility when adding features that deal with external site communications.

  • LiveJournal will soon be hosting its 500,000th account!