May 10th, 2002

Beta Testing

Want to help test the new code?

Go here:

You'll see the words [BETA TESTING] below the pencil logo while it's active, except when you're on the betatest.bml page itself, which is always on the normal servers, in case we shutdown the beta test machine for changes and you need to get back.

So if you do betatest, bookmark the betatest.bml page (or remember it), so you can go un-set your testing cookie.

The test machine is running against the real database, since we haven't made any database changes in the code, so you should be able to do anything.

What you should notice:
  • it's faster
What you shouldn't notice:
  • bugs
What you should report:
  • bugs (but only after you've verified the behavior is different when you turn off beta-testing mode)
Ten 1-year paid accounts will be given away for the first ten reported unique bugs.

Client developers: send the cookie "betatest" with value "1" if you want to test your clients.

Update; 11:21 am: Fixed the majority of the reported problems. Off to lunch now.

Beta testing, continued.

I posted earlier about the current beta-test/bughunt. Here's the status so far:

[X] :89 redir -- opiummmm
[X] spell check -- rhiannonstone
[X] userpics sporadic -- bradfitz, dixie
[X] cached closures/scoping -- dixie
[X] /community/ URI -- opiummm
[X] get_query_string -- roy
[ ] export broken -- opiummmm, 1000101
[X] INERR had invalid {S} flag -- darksoul
[?] userinfo garbage at top -- rhiannonstone
[X] portal selectall_hashref -- sirthorn 
[?] can't use _CODE as hashref -- saveyoursanity 
[X] talkread closure problem -- saveyoursanity
Keep testing. Things are seeming pretty good now. If there was a problem you reported earlier not on my list, it was probably a symptom of a problem and it's on my list above said differently. But re-check, and see if it's fixed. Thanks!