April 2nd, 2003


Yet another password scam

There's another password scam making the rounds. If you get an email telling you that you need to log in to "LiveJournal" at the link provided, because your account is in danger of being deleted for inactivity, don't follow the link, and particularly don't follow the link and then input your username and password -- the link leads to a site that is not actually LiveJournal.

If you receive this email, please forward a copy of it with full headers (there is an option in your email client somewhere to turn on full headers before forwarding) to lj_abuse@livejournal.com.

There's also a version of it going around that we've seen posted in some communities, warning people that the email is actually a virus and urging people to post it in as many communities as possible. It isn't, it's just someone trying to collect usernames and passwords. Please don't spread the warning further; if someone mentions having received this email, please privately point them to this news post rather than posting in communities where the warning will be off-topic.

We don't currently delete accounts for inactivity, and if this policy ever changes, it will be announced ahead of time. Any email that tells you your account is in danger of being deleted should be viewed with extreme suspicion.