April 1st, 2004

April Fools

Heh... Keep in mind everybody that it's April Fools today. (For international readers: Apr. 1 is our "joke/prank day")

This flood of lawsuit threats and hate mail seems to be slightly above average... I can't decide if it's legit, or it's just your April Fools jokes back at us. Surely a few of you have a sense of humor. :-) I have to assume the people not mailing us are the amused ones.

lj_serialadder is a fake account. It's a joke targetting all the hubbub in lj_biz lately about serial adders.

Nobody hacked your journal and added "Stalking" and "Stalked by" instead of "Friends" and "Friend of". It's a joke emphasizing people's concerns about how the "Friend of" label is bad, and they want a difference between friends/reading/trust/know-in-real-life/etc.

LJ didn't buy DeadJournal. (that's their prank)

Also didn't buy ljdrama.org. Their prank again.

etc, etc.