May 5th, 2004

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National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

We were approached by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy to help them spread the word about teen pregnancy and its effect on society. The third annual "National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy" takes place today, and they're asking that teenagers nationwide take a short, online quiz to reflect on the best course of action in a number of tough sexual situations. We don't usually post things like this, but considering the average age of our userbase, we feel that this is a worthy cause. If you have a few minutes to spare, and you're between the ages of 13-19, please consider taking the quiz.

Whoa -- teen pregnancy stuff

In regards to our previous post about the "The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy":

We didn't mean to piss anybody off. We're not dissing teen parents or products of teen parents.

We didn't know the site/campaign was so slanted, and we definitely didn't know some of their ads were so tasteless.

We weren't trying to push a political agenda. We're definitely not hard-core conservatives around here. (quite the opposite, generally)

What we wanted to say was: If you're a teen and don't want to get pregnant, there are ways to not get pregnant. That's all.

We'll try and do a better job at either not being "oppresively political", or reviewing what we do support to make sure the campaign accurately reflects our beliefs.

That said, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!