August 2nd, 2004

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July Status Post

July's been pretty hectic for us; we had some server troubles early on in the month which we've taken care of, and most of us at the office have been working hard on FotoBilder and other projects.

In new feature news, we've added a new page called Recent Comments which shows some of the latest comments you've posted and received on LiveJournal. Free users are limited to only 10 recent comments, but paid accounts can pull up to 50. The page is useful if you've not received your comment notification e-mails lately, but it's still a beta version so it may change at any time.

In paidmembers news we've added a new feature called the "Express Lane", which allows paid users' browser requests to "cut in line" of others. What this means is that when our web servers are loaded, paid accounts get pages served to them quicker than other accounts. There are more details in the paid members community.

In picture hosting news we've widened our beta test to include permanent and paid early adopter accounts. Now we're getting a lot of great feedback which is helping us to polish FotoBilder and work out most of the bugs early on. We hope to have the service ready for all of our paid users before the end of August.

This update is pretty scant, but we've actually been working a lot on on infrastructure and stability changes, which has taken priority over new features. Almost all of our current effort is being put into refining our photo hosting service, so we'll have a better post (more information) for next month.

Have a fantastic August!