November 1st, 2004

GO VOTE! (today!)

US FlagI feel bad kicking Jesse's October Status Post off the front page, but there's something more important that we had to mention....



If you're an eligible voter in the United States, it's very important that you vote tomorrow today. The election in 2000 came down to a couple hundred votes, and this year's election is predicted to be even closer. Anybody who thinks that their vote doesn't make a difference should go read up on how close this election is. It's going to come down to handfuls of voters.

It's said that young people don't vote, and that's really sad. Go grab some coffee, wait in line, SMS your friends, read a book, play Gameboy.... then vote. It'll take a couple minutes and you won't feel like a mere observer to our democratic process.

Seriously, if you can vote tomorrow and you don't, I don't want to see any complaining on LiveJournal about this country over the next 4 years.... :-)