November 30th, 2004

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  • jproulx

November Status Post

November is coming to a close, and stateside we're all stuffed to the brim with turkey and politics. Earlier in the month Brad and Lisa attended the LISA conference in Atlanta, so we gave our new systems administrator Matthew (matthew) a crash course in keeping the site running smooth. Matthew's worked with us before at Silicon Mechanics, helping us by building custom servers to order, so we were eager to welcome him to the team.

November was a major bug fix month for developers. We prioritized bug fixes over new features, so featureannounce has been pretty quiet. We're getting ready for some heavy holiday traffic, and we're preparing for loads of users uploading and sharing pictures.

In hardware news we're testing out a pair of new Itaniums, which are more 64 bit servers from Intel. Our existing 64 bit servers are running well, and are handling most of the database traffic on the site. In addition to new servers we're continuing to rearrange users to optimize slow databases, and we're moving completely away from lower performance MyISAM tables to faster InnoDB tables. We also ordered and received a set of new Big IP load balancers, which are slowly being tested and put into production.

FotoBilder development continued, and we renamed our photo hosting service to "ScrapBook" since "LiveJournal Photo Hosting Service" was a mouthful. We're a few days away from allowing people to buy more disk space (we still need a Terms of Service agreement and some more testing), and we're still planning and developing new features for ScrapBook.

And finally, as the holidays roll around we're offering a bonus for items purchased in our Store: For every $50 spent on service items, like Paid Accounts or Extra Userpics, we'll send you a $15 coupon good for clothing purchases. The amount spent in the store is cumulative, so if you bought $20 one day and $30 the next, you'll still get a $15 coupon. If you've bought something in the past few days, don't worry -- the bonus deal is retroactive from November 26th (Past midnight on the 25th, 12:01AM GMT) and will extend to the end of December. All bonus coupons will be sent by e-mail, and will expire at midnight (GMT) of December 31st.

Have a great December, and Happy Holidays!