April 26th, 2005

Couple fun new things

Two fun things to announce:

#1: In-page comment management
If you have a relatively modern browser (Firefox, Safari, or IE 6) you'll now be able to delete, screen/unscreen, and freeze/unfreeze comments directly from the page you're looking at, without jumping through a bunch of other pages. We're going to be doing more of this over time, but it'll always fall back to the old behavior if your browser isn't up to it, or if your JavaScript is disabled.

#2: LifeBlog support
If you have a relatively modern Nokia or Symbian phone, you can now post to LiveJournal directly from your cellphone using Nokia's LifeBlog. Anybody can use it, but only LJ paid users can include pictures. Check out the instructions if you have one of those phones.

(for the geeks in the audience: LifeBlog support means our Atom/AtomAPI support is much improved now, so if you have any other AtomAPI apps, try them out too....)