February 14th, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day!

By now you've noticed that LJ's default site scheme, Horizon, has gotten a lovely pink makeover for Valentine's Day, thanks to veroz! Enjoy it while you can because, like some relationships, it's not going to last very long.

New V-Gifts!

It's been just over a year since we launched virtual gifts. You can send virtual gifts to anyone on LJ and they'll show up straight to the person's profile page for two weeks before expiring. Virtual gifts, or v-gifts as we like to call them, cost $.99 and can be bought in the Gift Shop.

In honor of the first anniversary of our v-gifts feature, we spruced things up a bit:

  • New virtual gifts!
  • Limited edition v-gifts: These include the Emo Heart and a Be Mine card. We'll do new limited edition sets every year so collect them while you can! All the new v-gifts were created by chasethestars.
  • V-gift history page: This page will display all the v-gifts you've ever gotten, so you can show them off to friends or delete old ones you don't want around. Access it via two links: One link is only visible whenever you have v-gifts (right below the gifts displayed on your profile page) and the other link is found in your full profile view ("v-gifts = #").

New Styles
We've just added a ton of styles! Paid account holders get access to over 70 new styles and Plus users get access to 25+ of the styles as well. Both Plus and Paid users can switch to the brand new Valentine's-themed "Hearts & Daisies" style.

You can find all these additional styles in the Journal Display area. Just click on the Look and Feel tab and select "Expressive" as your layout (to use the "Hearts & Daises" style, select "Mixit"). If you'd like access to these new styles, you can get or renew your Paid account or switch to the Plus level.

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Happy Valentine's Day!