December 2nd, 2007

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LiveJournal & SUP

Six Apart Announces New Home for LiveJournal

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SUP acquires LiveJournal from Six Apart

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You're probably wondering what this means for you. We realize you are going to have a lot of questions and we want to be sure to address them all.

It's been clear for some time that doing the right thing for LiveJournal would require being a lot more ambitious; it would take an even bigger investment in and commitment to this community. It would take a team dedicated exclusively to LiveJournal--one that can build on the commitment to technological innovation and invention for which LiveJournal is known. And it would take some creative thinking. It would take SUP.

SUP has a deep respect and admiration for the LiveJournal community, and their main goal in acquiring LiveJournal is to have a company (LiveJournal, Inc.) that focuses ONLY on LiveJournal. To be frank (too early for a goat pun?) we think this acquisition is going to greatly improve your LiveJournal experience. In the past year, SUP has demonstrated a passion for LiveJournal, as well as great skill in managing the service in Russia. They have invested in new features, new services, and new business partnerships, and they will continue to do so. LiveJournal, Inc. will focus on service performance, usability, socialization, and discovery features right away to ensure you're getting the most out of your LiveJournal experience.

SUP understands that LiveJournal is nothing without you, the community, so they are forming the LiveJournal Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will represent the users, offering you a voice and a forum regarding your role on LiveJournal, as well as LiveJournal's role in the online world. It will be independent of the LiveJournal, Inc. management team and will oversee issues such as honoring LiveJournal's community traditions, ensuring privacy, creating user policy and protecting security. We are thrilled that Brad Fitzpatrick, LiveJournal's founder, has agreed to become the first member of the Advisory Board. This will permit him to be much more closely involved in LiveJournal's development. The Advisory Board will also include two members from the LiveJournal community who will be elected by you (we've been inspired by the Wikipedia elections), the users. Clearly, when SUP says they want you to be involved, they mean it. You can read much more about SUP's plan for LiveJournal, Inc., as well as the role of the Advisory Board, in lj_2008.

We're also very happy to report that the Six Apart employees who worked exclusively on LiveJournal have all been transferred to LiveJournal, Inc. We (the new LiveJournal, Inc. team) remain dedicated to supporting and improving this community. While Six Apart will certainly miss being LiveJournal's home, this gives them the opportunity to focus on their core products: Movable Type, TypePad and Vox. Six Apart will continue to offer support to LiveJournal, Inc. until the transition is complete.

During the transition, SUP also wants to ensure that you are involved in the Community Policy Update if that's something that interests you. We've created a new community lj_policy, where you can participate in the decision making, and follow policy updates and processes. This new community is the first step in creating a thorough Community Policy that accurately reflects what you want and deserve from your LiveJournal experience.

We know change can be scary, even if it's a good change. We also understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you're in the dark when those changes are happening, so we're taking a number of steps to keep you in the loop. You can join the new lj_2008 community to learn about:
  • The LiveJournal plan for 2008
  • The FAQs about the SUP acquisition
  • The Advisory Board's role
  • How to ask questions and how to get answers about these changes
We are elated that LiveJournal is going to get the dedication and focus it deserves, and we want you to understand why that is. We hope you'll find this new community useful and informative during this incredible milestone.

SUP believes in LiveJournal and we know that passion will manifest itself in both innovation and improvement. And SUP's got their priorities straight: their number one goal is to make sure all of you who are current LiveJournal users are happy, and to make LiveJournal better than ever before.

Of course, we can't do this without your feedback. You should start off by posting your comments in lj_2008. We will be getting in touch with users to follow up on their ideas in the new year, if not earlier. Also, when you join the community, you'll be able to view an invitation to a special LiveJournal party Monday night in San Francisco celebrating all of these exciting changes. We hope to see you there!

Finally, we know you're worried about how Frank's dealing with all of this, and we're pleased to report that while he's going to miss his friends at Six Apart, he's excited about the change. Plus, let's face it, as long as he's with you (and, um, chewing on something), he's a pretty happy goat.