June 5th, 2008

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June 5th: Announcing New Charity V-Gift & New Security Feature

The Purple Rhino Charity V-Gift
An extra-special LiveJournal v-gift comes rustling through the brush this month. Join us in welcoming back the Purple Rhino, an early, forgotten symbol of the gay rights movement. Proceeds will benefit Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG), a 200,000-strong support network with over 500 affiliates, dedicated to helping create a society in which all GLBT persons can safely and comfortably participate in the institutions of family, school, employment and faith.

New Security Feature
An alternative route for accessing your LiveJournal account is now available. If you've lost your password or changed emails since you became a user, have no fear: Now you can create a Secret Question to regain access to your account. We recommend asking a question that nobody else would guess, and that you wouldn't ever forget.