April 2nd, 2009

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Delete Comments, Report Spambots, Accelerator Add-on, Find Your Friends

Happy April! All joking aside, we thought you might find these new features helpful in your day-to-day LJ life:

Delete All Comments from a User

It's a bummer when an unwelcome guest pays a visit to your journal and leaves a bunch of rude comments behind. Cleaning up after them can take a long time. That's why we've made it easier to mass-delete comments from a single user in a post. When you click Delete on one comment by that user, a dialog box pops up that gives you the option to delete all the comments by that user in the post. Happy spring cleaning!

Report a Spambot

We've also made it easier to report a user that you suspect of being a spambot. The pop-up menu that's visible when you hover your mouse over the userhead icon now includes an option to report that user as a bot.

Just click on "Report a Bot" to get the investigation going.

Accelerator in Internet Explorer 8

The latest version of Internet Explorer has a new add-on for LiveJournal users. Accelerator makes it easy for you to quickly post an entry about an article or web page to your journal without having to leave the site where you found the item you're writing about. Just select the text you want to post and let Accelerator do the rest.

Have You Found Your Friends?

The Find Your Friends feature is up and running, helping connect LiveJournal users with friends from their web-based email contacts who are also on LJ. Whether you're new to LJ or you're a longtime user, you just might be able to make an old friend into a new Friend. You can set your own preferences for being found or not found on the Account Settings page under the Privacy tab.

As always, you can get the full details on the latest release in lj_releases.