April 15th, 2010

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LiveJournal Major Notes: Userpics, Community stats, LJ Mobile, Header design winner!

We've waited so long for this moment that we hardly know what to say: We're thrilled to announce that a la carte userpics are here (and will back in the shop very shortly)! We'll give you more details below, but we couldn't contain our excitement another instant! In other news, we've relaunched the LiveJournal Mobile version and extended Stats to community maintainers. We're also making critical adjustments to improve site speed. Now that we're maxed out on puppy love, this week we're celebrating cool cats! If you've got a fabulous feline userpic, howl out a mighty meow beside it, and Frank'll honor your virtual birthday with a lovable ball of fluff!

We've got your a la carte userpics!

Update: We've temporarily suspended the ability to purchase userpic add-ons due to outstanding billing issues. We promise to have it back up and running as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your patience while we look into this.

Important purchase information: The number of packages you select in the Shop defines how many packages you wish to have, rather than how many additional packages you wish to purchase. So, if you already have one package of userpics and then you choose ‘1 package’ in the Shop, only the time of your 1 package of userpics will be extended, rather than the quantity of userpics. If you’d like to have 2 or 3 packages in total, then you need to select either '2 packages' or '3 packages' plus the duration of time. Please note that the total amount of time purchased for all userpic packages will be redistributed so all packages expire at the same time.

Here's the breakdown on packaging and pricing:

Important stuff to know:

  • Stats: In response to popular demand, we've now made Stats available to communities! If you're the maintainer of a Plus, Paid, or Permanent community, you'll be able to check how many people are viewing and commenting on your community posts! To view your community's Stats, visit Stats and choose the name of the community in the upper right corner beside Work as user. To upgrade your community from a Basic to a Plus or Paid account, select Manage under communities in the LiveJournal menu and click the Account tab to the right of the community you wish to upgrade. Remember, Plus communities are free and offer enhanced style and layout options, while displaying limited ads. Paid communities provide advanced features (including polls, increased Userpics, faster load times, comment editing, and photo storage) and are ad-free for all users.
  • Mobile: We've relaunched the LiveJournal LiveJournal Mobile version and LJ Windows application to offer you easier, enhanced access to LiveJournal wherever you go. iPhone users should continue to use the existing LiveJournal app.
  • Google Analytics: If you have a Paid or Permanent account, you can now use Google Analytics to track traffic on your journal (this is not yet available for communities). Once you've signed up for Google Analytics, click on the Extensions tab in your Account settings, and paste your Google Web property ID number in the designated field!
  • Notifications: We fixed one of the major bugs that was impeding the proper function of notifications. More improvements are on the way.
  • Unplugged: We recently launched wb_unplugged, which is an edgier, adult-friendly version of Writer's Block. You can now access Unplugged from the Writer's Block panel on the homepage. To submit questions, simply join and post to wb_unplugged or mail suggestions to the Writer's Block inbox! We can't wait to read your questions and answers!
  • Facebook & Twitter: For a touch of home away from home, join the LiveJournal Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter!
  • Site performance: LiveJournal has been experiencing intermittent sluggishness over the past week or so. We've already made a number of key changes to the backend (discussed in lj_maintenance). We'll continue to dedicate significant time and resources to improve site performance. We want to thank you, again, for your understanding and support!

April header design contest winner!

Congratulations to snooby, who won our second Header design contest! You're invited to submit entries for the next header contest at remixed now through the end of the month. Submissions should be 900x90 pixels and include a placeholder for the LJ logo and menu. We'll hold a poll in early May to choose the next header, which will appear on the top of LiveJournal from mid-May through mid-June. The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate; finalists will get $10 gift certificates; and all remaining contributors will get $5 gift certificates. Thank you, again, for sharing your talent with the LiveJournal community!
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Thanks for spending some time with us. We look forward to seeing you next week!