May 20th, 2010

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Header Design Contest, Shades for Paid Users!

We want to thank you for helping us narrow our header selection to a brilliant group of finalists (although all of the entries were painfully good). While we vote, Frank would like to convey his appreciation for sharing your touching bike stories. He was so delighted that he's hoping you'll take a few moments to describe your first solo cooking experience. Whether you struggled to flip pancakes, mix Ramen noodles, or burn a slice of toast, tell Frank about your first time in the kitchen, and he'll send you over a hearty strawberry. P.S. Epic fails are cordially invited!

Help us choose the winning header!

Last week, thousands of you voted for your favorite header designs. This week, we're hoping you'll help us choose the header that will appear on the top of LiveJournal throughout the month of June. Please note that you'll see a few extra stragglers mixed in, which were accidentally omitted during the first round (sincere apologies from the bleary-eyed editor). The polls will remain open until Wednesday, May 26th, at 3pm, PST, after which time we'll begin accepting submissions for the next contest. So, without further ado, poise your cursors and let the voting begin!

Dazzling shades for our paid users!

If you have a paid or permanent account, you can send five free glitterati sunglasses beginning Saturday, May 22nd at noon, PDT, and extending through Wedneday May 26th, at 4pm, PDT! You'll see both the free and the $0.99 sunglasses displayed until you've blinged them all to your friends. Please send only one at a time. In other words, you'll need to complete check-out and start a new order for each fantabulous pair of shades you send. If you're not receiving vgifts (from friends and/or Frank), you may have disabled them. To enable vgifts, visit Edit profile (under Profile), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check your settings. We hope these keep you concealed until the paparrazi have left the building!

For our featured photo and more fun with Frank & Meme, we'll catch you under the cut! Collapse )
Once again, we thank you for joining us. See you next week!