August 19th, 2010

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Header design contest, Vgift design poll

We've got more creative contests this week. While we tally up the votes, Frank and Meme have embarked on a secret mission to Vegas. Of course, all work and no play makes Frank nibble wires, so Meme has been hitting the slot machines (she's up 100 bucks), while Frank has been growling "hit me" at the blackjack table (*will not divulge stats*). They'd love to hear about your gaming wins and woes. Whether you're into Texas hold 'em, rochambeau, or spin the bottle, describe your best or worst bet, and Frank'll roll you a pair of dice. +1.

Important stuff to know

  • Header design poll: It's time to decide which header you'd like to see on the top of LiveJournal for the month of September. The header finalist poll closes on Monday, August 23rd, at 3PM, PDT. We'll announce the winner in the next newsletter (and send LJ Tokens to all participants).
  • Orbit vgift contest: We were completely blown away by your brilliant submissions. After lengthy deliberation by the LiveJournal staff (which nearly ended in fisticuffs), we are pleased to present the finalists. Remember, all LiveJournal users will be able to send the winning vgift to three mutual friends. Please click here to pick your favorite! This poll will stay open until Wednesday, August 25th, at 3PM, PDT.

For our featured photo and more fun with Frank & Meme (as told by LJ writers), we'll catch you under the cut! Collapse )
Thanks again for joining us. We'll see you next week!