December 8th, 2010

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Vgift contest, iPhone/iPad app, Give More

This week, we're basking in the cozy glow of twinkling lights and frosted gingerbread. While we wait for another batch of cookies to cool, we're pleased to announce the winning holiday vgift, which all users can send to five friends and communities (more details below). Frank is still searching for the perfect present for Meme. Inspire him with stories about the most thoughtful gift you ever received (a coordinating userpic is always welcome), and he'll send you a festive drink to cheer your spirits (up through the first 10 pages of comments).

Give More is back!

We want to remind you that Give More, our annual holiday promotion, is back! This year, when you give someone an annual Paid account, your friend will receive an additional 1,000 LJ Tokens as a bonus! (Please note that Give More is only available for gift orders and cannot be used to purchase Paid time for your own account.) You can use LJ Tokens to buy userpic add-ons, custom userheads, Paid account time, storage space, vgifts, and more. Enjoy!

Vgift design contest

Congratulations to vampirebites13, who won our first holiday vgift contest! As a special holiday treat, all LiveJournal users can send up to five plates of cookies to mutual friends and communities up through Monday, December 13th, at 4pm, PST. FYI: If you're not receiving vgifts, you may have disabled them. To enable vgifts, visit Edit profile (under Profile), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check your settings. Bon appetit!

iPhone/iPad App Upgrade

The new LiveJournal App for iPhone/iPad v.0.6.2 is now available in the App Store! Here are some of the key enhancements:
  • Adapted for the iPad with a full-screen interface display
  • Ability to view in horizontal mode
  • Adapted for the iPhone 4 with a high-resolution retina display
  • Improved Filter Friends page
  • View links to other sites with the built-in browser
  • Spell-check and auto-correct for posts, comments, and messages
  • Text-formatting improvements, including bold, italics, underline, and strikeout
  • Improved performance, content mapping and rendering
  • Multiple bug fixes

Did you know ...?

This week, we want to tell you how you can choose a separate default userpic and security setting for posting via email. Choosing a userpic of a car or open road, for example, is a great way to let your friends know at a glance when you're posting on the go. You can also choose a more restricted security level for emailed entries. So if you happen to post a lot of photos via email, you can set your email post security level to Friends Only, regardless of your Journal's privacy setting.

To update your post-by-email settings, here's what you do:

  • Visit the Mobile Post Setting page
  • Enter your mobile email address in the Allowed Sender field (if you don't know it, try sending a text message from your phone to your personal email; Your mobile email address will appear in the From field)
  • Choose a pin (this should be different from your LiveJournal password)
  • Pick a default userpic for your email posts
  • Select a default security setting for your email posts
  • Choose your default image settings (such as size and layout)
  • Remember to click Save Settings when you're done.
For more information on posting by email, check out this FAQ. We'll be back next week with another fun tip!

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Thanks, again, for joining us. We'll see you next week!