July 12th, 2012

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July 12, 2012: The official LiveJournal Release 94 is now live. Here are the new features and bug fixes you’ll find in this latest site-wide update. (This information can also be found at lj_releases

  • Poll creation can now be used by all members, no matter what type of account they have.
  • Cyrillic users now see "This entry was promoted in Promo" when a promo entry is recommended.
  • Mobile site readers now have "Prev Entry Next Entry" buttons when viewing entries.
  • Members can now log in via XML-RPC with an identity account.
  • Spell-check is fixed. 
  • In S2 comment page styles, collapsed threads correctly show subject lines again. 
  • In S2 comment page styles, local time -- not UTC -- is now shown if there is a set time zone. 
  • Fast Repost entries on a friends page should now always show the username of who re-posted the entry, no matter what style is used. 
  • Pingback Bot now gives pingbacks for Fast Repost entries.
  • Added date and username of purchasing account to order-confirmation emails.
  • If you have selected "Show CAPTCHA to nobody," anonymous users will now be able to comment without going through the CAPTCHA process.
  • Fixed a case where mini-calendars were showing two Tuesdays, and adjusted Cyrillic-user calendars to start on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • Community emails now show the community name instead of "LiveJournal" as the sender.
  • Optimizations were made to the scripts that display comments on the S1/"new" comment page.
  • Users should no longer be redirected to a login page when viewing a public entry.
-The LiveJournal Team