August 4th, 2014

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Roundup of recent news: Promo options, Google Search, and Writer's Block

Hello, everyone!

Quite a bit has changed lately, and we wanted to do a quick roundup of everything that's been happening!

1) In last week's release, two new options for promoting content were added that we think could use a bit more explanation than we provided in the Release notes: the Calendar Promo and the Auction Promo features.

Auction Promo

The Auction Promo feature allows you to immediately promote your entry, journal, or community in the relevant sections of the LiveJournal homepage. There are separate auctions for the top spot on the homepage for the Top Entry, Top Journal, and Top Community modules. All auctions start at 100 LiveJournal Tokens and increase in price if another user bids for the same item.

Calendar Promo

The Calendar Promo feature allows you to promote an entry on the LiveJournal homepage at a specific time & date in the future (up to 2 months out). Unlike the Auction Promo, once you have purchased a time slot, you cannot lose it to someone else. Full details on how this all works can be found at You can purchase a time slot in the LiveJournal Shop.

Both of these promotional features are designed to make it easier for other people to find your content who might otherwise never see it. For example, if you have a community you really want new members for, you can purchase the Top Community spot to try and get the attention of potential new members. Similarly, if you are working on a story and would like more feedback from the LJ community, purchasing the Top Entry spot might make this easier. If you're posting a series of entries on a topic that interests you, and you'd like more interaction on your posts, purchasing the Top Journal spot might make this easier.

In general, if you have an entry you want as many people as possible to read, using the Calendar Promo to schedule a spot for it, or buying the current time through the Auction Promo can both be great ways to get more people reading your post.

Please comment to let us know if you have any feedback about how the Promo features can be improved to meet your needs!

2) Today's release brought Google Search to the site, added several important menu options that were missing from the site navigation menu, and changed the length of time before accounts are purged to 60 days (from 30) after an account is deleted.

3) We also announced plans to return the Writer's Block last week. If you haven't already, please take a look and comment with any feedback you have on how the feature should work!

That's all for now, but keep an eye on lj_releases as we'll have an update on Friends Feed customization options soon!