December 17th, 2014

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LJ Maps has launched, Writer's Block is back, and Twelve Days of ONTD are upon us!

Hello all, we have several exciting things to announce today!

LJ Maps

First off, we have a new feature, LJ Maps which lets you see what other people on LiveJournal have to say about the places they have visited.

LJ Maps

You can use LJ maps to view photos of the various cities, parks, beaches, historical landmarks, and other attractions around the world and see what other LiveJournal members have written about it.

You can also find more details and get a special V-Gift over at lj_maps, and read more about how to use the map in the LJ Maps FAQ. Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Writer's Block

We're very happy to announce the return of the Writer's Block to LiveJournal! Head on over to the LiveJournal homepage to check out the Writer's Block module in the upper right corner -- you can also add it directly onto your Friends feed as a widget! (Note that the homepage module and feed widget will only display if you are using the redesigned version of the LiveJournal site. It will not appear in the older version of the site. If you're using the older version of the site, you can follow the writersblock community to see and answer each day's question.)

A quick guide to using the new Writer's Block:

  • Answering the question of the day will post an entry to your journal at the security level you choose -- you can select from all the normal security options for your post, including your custom groups. If you select the Public security level, you can additionally select whether or not you want to have your answer appear at the reply page for that question. (The reply count shown in the module will count all entries created to answer the question, but only Public answers are shown at the reply page. So if the count shows "10" but only 7 answers appear at the answer page, it's because three of the entries were non-public.)

  • If you don't want to post an entry in your journal but still want to answer the question, you can do so at the writersblock community -- all questions are cross-posted there and can be commented on just like any other community entry.

  • Read other users' public answers and comment to find new friends.

  • You can also suggest your own questions at any time (up to two per day).

If you need more help finding these links in the module, check out this graphic: [click here]

The first question will stay up for a few days as we check things over and make sure everything is working smoothly when more people are answering the questions. New questions will then be posted every weekday, starting next Monday.

12 days of ONTD

ohnotheydidnt is hosting 'Twelve Days of ONTD' this year! Each day until Christmas, you can join in the free-for-all posts for a chance to win a LiveJournal paid account. On Christmas Day, ohnotheydidnt is giving away a special gift to one lucky commenter! All you have to do is comment for a chance to win, so let loose and have fun! You can check out all of the Twelve Days of ONTD posts here.

Thank you all and happy holidays!