April 17th, 2015

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Related Entries, personalized LJ Maps, and Remember

Hello everyone! Today, we have 2 new features to talk about as well as an update on the Remember LiveJournal promotion.

Related Entries

The Related Entries feature has been added to the site which allows you to include a preview of your other entries at the bottom of any public post you make. The previews will appear to anyone directly viewing the entry, and you can choose to show up to 9 of your most recent entries, entries using the same tag as the one you are posting, or include specific entry URLs you would like to include. This feature can be used in a variety of ways, such as promoting your other entries, allowing others to quickly find things you've written on the same subject in the past, or as an easy way to link to other chapters of your book. For additional information on how to use this feature, check out the FAQ!

Related Entries

Personalized maps for LJ Maps

LJ Maps has been updated to include the ability for you to have your own personal version of the map which displays only your entries which have been added to the map. You can share this map with others as well, and in the near future we'll be adding embedding support so you can include your map in your profile or an entry to easily show others your places on the map! For additional information on how to use this feature, please see the LJ Maps FAQ.

Remember LiveJournal invite limit increased

Based on feedback, we have increased the daily number of invites that can be sent through the Remember LiveJournal from 2 to 10.