Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Minor changes

Pretty boring update....

MySQL update: LJ is now running 3.23.28, which adds a nice speed improvement
Corrupted table: repaired some corruption in the 'hintfriendsview' table, which is used in the construction of the friends view. some people's friends views were messed ... all fixed now.
Shared Journals: if you have a shared journal, you can now go to the admin console to add/remove people from being able to post in it. only "lj_biz" and "quill" have been given control over their shared journals so far... everybody else will have to contact me. there should be a FAQ question about all this up soon.
No more backend: The Apache configuration has been changed around to speed some stuff up, and remove some limitations behind the scenes. (namely, that we couldn't get at some interesting parts of %ENV when all we saw was the proxy connection)

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