Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Anybody cravin' some news?

It's been awhile since I last posted any news, so here goes:

Finals. I'm currently in the middle of finals. 3 done... 1 to go. I've been trying to not work on LiveJournal during this time but I've actually been working on it more than ever, and after Wednesday I'll have 3 weeks off, and then next quarter my classes are so light I basically have 10 weeks off after that. Ah yea'!

Directory ... is back up, with signifigantly faster code.

Message Boards ... are being redesigned to be faster and have a lot more features and display options.

Style system ... is being redesigned to be infinitely flexible. I'm writing a programming language that you can write style engines in. The language lets you reuse template elements like the existing one, but lets you specify which. This is a lot more flexible for hard-core users, but will also let beginners customize things a lot easier. Style engine authors will be able to define things the end-user can customize without any coding, like titles, colors, link texts, etc... It's gonna rule. BTW, I don't want to hear anybody saying I should use XML and XSLT .... that has a lot of problems and the syntax is uglier than hell. Even I hate it, and I love nearly all languages.

Speaking of XML... you can export your journal in XML now, if you'd like. The schema is pretty weak right now.. it was a 5 minute hack for somebody. I'll add more to what's exported later.

New Servers. They arrived last week. Once my finals are over I get to take them out of the box and start installing everything. That'll be fun.

Communities. I've started work on implementing LiveJournal "community" journals. The idea is that people can join a community and then they're automatically a friend of the community (a "member") and they can post to the journal.... so I have a community journal for my school, UW and it lists all the UW people as friends. Look at my userinfo page... see how it says I'm a "Member of: ..., uw" yeah... it'll be fun. I'm not done yet, though. Give me a few days. Stupid finals.

/~username/. You can now get to your journal using tilde URLs as well as all the other ways. This is a lot shorter than /users/username and it looks cooler, too. All you unix people should appreciate it. Thanks to zahnrad for the idea.

ChangeLog. I've been posting most of my stuff lately in ChangeLog so I've been posting here less. I'll try to make a habit of posting here once a week with updates.

Site Redesign ... soon.

That's about it, I think.

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