Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
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All the change lately seems to have gotten people quite stirred up. To calm everybody down, I'd like to point out some things that I've said elsewhere, but people may not have seen....

Going big/commercial
We don't want to go super commercial and we don't want to be AOL. We just want some lovin' from the press and we want more users. My "idol" website is ... before they went commercial they were just a cool experimental project run by a bunch of college kids... like LiveJournal is now. However, even though they keep growing, they're staying cool, and they continue to do new cool things. Growing doesn't mean getting commercial ... calm down: My attitude isn't going to change, so LiveJournal's attitude isn't going to change.

The new site design
Yes, we're making the font bigger. For people that hate the look, there will be a way to pick what site style you want and make it stick (right now you can only preview other site styles for awhile). As for colors, those aren't going to change.... get used to them. :-) Also, some people seem to associate the new look of LiveJournal with a new "company philosophy" or something: No. The old look was just too childish ... it was cute, but childish. I like the new site design a ton, but it's not even done yet either.... (nothing's ever done) Colin will be tweaking it a bunch, and improving navigation.

The new message boards
The old message board's code sucked... it was from many projects ago, and I just kept hackin' stuff on. The new code's almost a total rewrite, and it's tons faster. The collapsing threads will be optional ... I just haven't made the options available yet. There are still things that aren't working yet, and navigation problems... I know. Those are all being fixed. When I'm done there will be tons of options for you customize its behavior all you want. For now, don't panic, and stop sending hate mail.

What do YOU want?
I have my own twenty page list of things I want to finish/enhance on LiveJournal, but what do you want? Don't answer now, but start thinking about it --- I'm going to be putting up a survey and a voting system attached the soon-to-come todo list feature, so you'll be able to add features you want to the list, or vote on existing ones.


I have Monday off this weekend, so I'm going to be getting a lot of LiveJournal stuff done over the next few days.... if you see more changes, don't freak out! I always try to make options to change stuff back how you want it, but I don't make those options usually until I'm done working on the feature.

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