Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Connection Weirdness

As others have mentioned, the bandwidth from the new connection is pretty pathetic. It seemed fast early on but got slower over time so either a) we're being rate-limited by some router, or b) some of the network settings on the server are not optimal.

I've been looking into a lot of things to try and fix it but I have to go to class now... I already skipped my first one. I sent off some mail to people with questions.

I'll post more news when I figure out what's up.

Don't worry --- I won't be happy until pages load as fast as if they were on my local machine. It will be fast... oh yes. :-)

Update: either my fixes from earlier or somebody else's fixes upstream seem to have things running great now.

Another update: There was a bad port on the switch. It was fixed earlier this morning ... that seems to have been the issue.

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